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zarin taslima
Jul 06, 2022
In Medical Forum
Most of the owners have a busy life and choose dry food that is relatively cheap, convenient to feed and nutritious as the staple food for cats, cats and dogs, but is the feed for your furry child healthy? Do you understand the label on the feed bag? How to choose high-quality feed? Master the 4 key points of pet food composition analysis, teach you to easily choose the right feed, and protect the health of fur babies! Farmina_Four Grid Comics 2_V3 Photo Credit: TNL Brand Studio Look at the ingredients and choose high-quality animal protein The first step in selecting feeds is to know the labels of the main ingredients. Find the main ingredient (Composition) or main raw material description on the feed packaging bag. Usually, the higher the proportion of the banner design ingredients, the higher the order. Some high-quality feeds will even indicate the proportion of the ingredients, so from the order of the ingredients, you can get a general understanding of the ingredients. The amount of raw material composition of the feed. Farmina_Four Grid Comics 2_First Grid Photo Credit: TNL Brand Studio Since cats and dogs are carnivorous animals, the most important ingredients in cat and dog feeds are ingredients containing protein, and protein sources are divided into animal proteins (such as dehydrated dried meat, meat, meat meal, eggs, etc.) and vegetable proteins ( Such as peas, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, soybeans, etc.), because the composition of essential amino acids contained in meat can better meet the nutritional needs of cats and dogs, animal protein is more suitable than plant protein as a staple food for cats and dogs . We can judge from the order of the main ingredients that most of the protein comes from animals or plants. Some high-quality feeds will emphasize the proportion of animal protein to total protein.

zarin taslima

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